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The Cast of Whose Line, Hammerstein?

Douglas Brandt
Douglas Brandt is a New Mexican multidisciplinary artist with a passion for the connection that art can build between people. He draws endless inspiration from the landscape & people of the southwest. Raised in between Las Cruces & Kingston New Mexico, Doug was put into an environment of art & nature from his earliest days. Beyond the stunning landscapes & history of his home, Doug is also moved & concerned by the history of the world, & how that history defines the way that people interact in the modern age. Continuing to learn every day, Doug hopes to make work that matters, & possibly entertain in the meantime.
Holly Deuel Gilster
Holly Deuel Gilster works as an elementary music teacher, incorporating dance and theater into her classroom. She was recently seen as Siobhan in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, Justice Shallow in Shakespeare on the Plaza 2018, a British alcoholic in Person Singular, and a Southern belle life coach in The Savannah Sipping Society. Holly started the Story Theatre Program at the Albuquerque Academy summer session some 26 years ago!
Myriah Duda
Myriah Duda has been a performing artist for over ten years, focusing on dance, music, and theatre. She is currently a dance major at the University of New Mexico with an English minor. Myriah is primary a physical theatre actor, having been in numerous contemporary and classical theatre productions playing Rosaline in Love’s Labour’s Lost, the title role in Lysistrata, and Scapino in A Company of Wayward Saints. As a theatre graduate from New Mexico School for the Arts in Santa Fe, Myriah has trained extensively in Commedia Dell'arte Mask work, Bahl Mask, Stanislavski, and many other theatre forms. Myriah has studied classical ballet for years but her passion lies in Modern and African dance styles. As an interactive performer at Meow Wolf Santa Fe, Myriah has specialized in improvisation and ensemble work and is also a dance and theatre teacher and director at Acequia Madre Summer Camp. Myriah has loved exploring her voice with theatre and dance through the several musical theatre productions in which she has performed. This is her first time performing with a comedy improv troupe and she is so excited to be a part of this fantastic show!
Briana Enriquez
Briana Enriquez is a Music Education major currently enrolled at the University of New Mexico. She was heavily involved in her high school theatre program at St. Pius X High School, starring in productions such as Antigone, Everyman, and The Nerd. She also was the stage manager for the school’s production of The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie. Outside of school, she was a cast member of a production written by local playwright, Patricia Crespin, titled The Sad Room, which was shown at the National Hispanic Cultural Center. More notably, Briana is known for her musicianship around Albuquerque; she is a member of the esteemed St. John’s Cathedral Choir, Polyphony Voices of New Mexico, and the UNM Concert Choir. Her passion for music has won her many solos in big works such as Handel’s Messiah. Her love for theatre and music has brought her right here to Whose Line, Hammerstein?
Emily Lindsay
Emily was born in Albuquerque, the daughter of a healer and a sleight-of-hand magician. She fell in love with singing when she was 3 years old; 30 years later, she fell in love with improv. She has one daughter, who is wonderful, and one cat, who is terrible.
Rachel Michaela
Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Rachel Michaela discovered her love for acting while pursuing her MA in Mental Health Counseling. Described by mentor and friend Sam Christensen as a natural talent and "the most delightful American actress since Rosalind Russell," Rachel enjoys exploring all facets of creative expression and performance. As an actress, Rachel is consistently evolving her craft. She currently studies in both New Mexico and Los Angeles expanding her unique approach to performing as an improviser, and as a theater, television, and film actress. Next stop: NYC. Rachel can often be found garage "sailing" on the weekends, exploring the great outdoors with her dog, hunting down the best cup of black coffee in town, and writing short stories, screenplays, and poetry. She recently discovered the challenging and rewarding sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and also enjoys surfing the beaches of San Diego, exploring in the Jemez mountains, wind tunnel skydiving, dancing, and sewing new additions to her eclectic wardrobe.
Micaela Pacheco
Elijah Smith
Dave Taylor
Dave has been in and out of live theater for almost 30 years, starting with a walk-on role in a Community Theater production of “1000 Clowns”. His first time ever in front of an audience entailed accidently doing so with the fly of his pants unzipped. He says he should have known, then, that Improv was in his blood when he worked the mishap into the role. He has attended performance classes at Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU), and has since played many roles with Community Theater, Dinner Theater, and ENMU student productions. About four years ago, Dave was introduced to Improvisational Comedy when a friend took him to an open jam session at “The Box” here in Albuquerque. He’s been hooked ever since. He has attended all levels of Improv classes under the Second City curriculum as well as a few workshops. He is also currently an original member of the “Golden Zingers” improv troupe in Albuquerque. His favorite saying about improv is: “The *good* thing about improv is if it’s a *bad* show, it’s only about an hour long, and you’ll never see it again. The *bad* thing about improv is if it’s a *good* show, it’s only about an hour long and you’ll never see it again.” Dave feels it a privilege and an honor to be a part of “Whose Line Hammerstein?”.
Elena Warden
Elena Warden's passion for the stage began at age 5 and continues in various manifestations, including musical theatre, comedy improv, musical improv, and stand-up. She hosted a weekly comedy show for three years, and emceed for the local open-mic crowd as well as several nationally touring comedians. She has improvised with many local teams, and was a founding member of The Hive. She has been singing all her life (with or without an audience.) She loves creating puns and harmonies.
Eric Weiss
Eric Weiss is an improviser and actor. He can be found most weekends performing as part of The Show, at The Box Performance Space and Improv Theater, where he is also an instructor. He is a graduate of both The Santa Fe Improv and The Box Improv schools. His regional theater credits range from Washington, DC to Dayton, Ohio. His favorite role to date was as Hansel, in Ms. Johnson’s first grade class production of Hansel and Gretel.
Laura Warden Nordin
Laura has loved all forms of theatre since childhood, and has enjoyed participating in various school, college, and community theatre productions, not only onstage but also backstage and directing. She has been studying improv for the past five years at The Box here in Albuquerque, and has been particularly passionate about the musical improv clases. A lifelong "foodie" as well, it seemed just a natural to combine her love of musicals, comedy improv, dinner theatre, and great food into this show, Whose Line, Hammerstein. This cast has been just amazing, and so Laura is confident you will all thoroughly enjoy the show!